Creating a shared account

Chiara (chiaguglie) and I would like to join our forces to share new content in the Italian library.
I thought we may create a joint account as Berta and Oscar did for Spanish, but I have a doubt: if we do so, will that account be considered as free (letting us upload just 5 lessons)?
Also, we would like to share some conversations in the ItalianLingQ podcast: how could we do this?
Thanks in advance,

If you upload a lesson to the library that lesson won’t count in the 5-lesson limit, that way free members are encouraged to share lessons. So in reality you can have 5(or 4) private lessons but as many shared-public ones as you wish.

Oh, muchas gracias, Berta. :slight_smile:

a mandar :wink:

@mikebond - If you share your podcasts yourself, they can’t also be shared on ItalianLingQ. All podcasts on ItalianLingQ are owned by LingQ. If you are going to record podcasts, I recommend just keeping them in your account. You should also share them as a podcast on iTunes from the collection page.

Thanks Mark. Yes, I know, ItalianLingQ would be an alternative to my own profile. Is there any advantage in sharing lessons on ItalianLingQ rather than on my profile?

@mikebond - there’s no real advantage for you. I recommend just sharing them yourself.

Ok, thanks, Mark. I will keep doing so.