Creating a new thread in the "Updates, Tips and Known Issues" forum

In the “Updates, Tips and Known Issues” forum, there is no sign “+ New Thread” that is used to open a separate window for creating a new thread. I wonder if this was intended or not. Is it one of the “Known Issues”?

Hi Yutaka,
Can you please check this again? “+New Thread” button shows us normally for me and I am able to start new thread on that forum.

Could you check that forum page? There is nothing like that above the “Watch Forum” box. I checked this a hundred times.

I am able to see “Search Forum”, “+New Thread” and “Watch Forum” options. Which browser are you using? Can you take a screenshot of this issue and send it to our Support email?

I can only see “Search Forum” and “Watch Forum” options. I am using the Safari browser on my iPad mini. I have just sent a screenshot of this issue.

This issue happens also on my Mac mini (OS X Yosemite). I am using the default Safari browser on it.
I also found that “+ New Thread” does not appear in the case of using the Google Chrome browser on my Mac mini.

This issue isn’t solved. I inserted the screenshot in the first post of this thread. Incidentally, this thread was not shown on the list of what is called “Active Threads” of “Support Forum”.

You are right, Yutaka. Only administrators can create threads on the Updates forum. That forum is for us to announce updates. Of course, all users can post on any of the threads we create there.

Thank you for your reply.