Creating a lingq phrase causes rest of lesson to disappear?

Don’t know if this is happening to anyone else, but I’ve noticed that sometimes when I create a phrase the remaining words in the lesson simply disappear. I highlight the words of the phrase I want, give it a definition, and then lingq proceeds to highlight more of the words following the phrase on the screen than I actually selected and then a second later the rest of the words in the lesson vanish. The lesson length indicator at the top also changes to make it seem that the rest of the lesson is gone. If I try to click next page it then ends the lesson and moves all remaining blue words to known without even showing the warning pop up. This must be a bug as if I switch to sentence mode and then back to page mode the rest of the lesson reappears. Not sure why this is happening but it’s only been happening the last few days and only on the web version.


I’ve had that happening the past few days as well. I’m haven’t noticed any kind of pattern for what might be triggering it, though. Just randomly, after highlighting a phrase, more words after the phrase will highlight without my input, and then all of the lesson disappears after the highlighted words. I always fix it with a quick page refresh.


Glad it isn’t just me! It does appear to be random. Probably a random bit of code going awry.

I’ve had it happen too, what I’ve been doing (because it won’t even let me go to the next page when it happens…) is closing and reopening the lesson- it reopens where I was and the audio is where I was at the time I closed it. Would like to see it fixed because this is extra time that I really don’t have…


That’s strange. I asked our team to look into this and try to figure it out. Thanks for reporting.


It’s also happening to me. It also seems to be doing something to the audio count, as it says I have listened much longer than I have.

it is happening with me too, and very frequently. It comes back to normal when i reload the page. After reloading the page the problem does not occur when i select the same words that were problematic before, but further ahead the problem will repeat with other phrase.

I imported a several-pages-word file, while reading it in lingq I selected a sentence and all the rest of the lesson disappeared. I refreshed and it reappeared, however on the lesson all words were marked as know words (from that sentence on), weirdly enough they do not appear on my vocabulary and now when I’m reading and correcting which words I do know or not I’m getting negative pieces.


thanks for checking it out

It’s happening to me, too. Seems to have cropped up fairly recently–maybe within the last 2-3 days?