Courses, some ideas, just thinking out loud


My understanding is that we are going to make it easier for tutors to create courses, whenever we get around to it. In the mean time tutors can create courses along these lines as Collections.

Courses would simply be collections of lessons, either newly created ones, or existing lessons that a tutor puts together. They will be featured in some way in the Library.

These courses should have a goal, or common theme.

  1. They can be “point of view” content such as Alsuvi is doing for Spanish which are very effective.

In other words similar content, where only a few elements are changed in each lesson. These elements that change can be the tense of verbs, the use of pronouns instead of nouns, changes in politeness, different verbs of motion for Russian, different uses of prepositions or cases. The use of separate simple sentences, and then the use of composite sentences with relative pronouns; and whatever else we can come up with.

  1. They can be Introductions to a language such as Vera has created for German.

  2. They can be a collection of conversational items on a common theme.

  3. They can be a collection of articles, read at normal speed and then slowly.

  4. They can be focused content, featuring the same author, or the same subject, assuring a concentration of similar vocabulary.

  5. They can be an introduction to LingQ.

Or whatever the tutors come up with!! And tutors can learn from each other and copy each other.

This just to get the ball rolling. I do not know when the new Courses view in the Library will be implemented, nor how.

I definitely like this idea Steve. It could also be a way to promote member’s original content in the library, which I think it is a great positive aspect of LingQ, the fact that you can study original content that you can just find here (of course, along with other copyright free content that you can find here and in many other places).
I hope that this course organization thing will help organize the library and to stand out the original content from the rest.
Maybe the library could be splited in 3 diferent parts: Courses, Original content (tutors or just members who create original content for the library) and General content (VOA, audiobooks, copyright free content, etc.). So when you’ll access the library, you’ll have the oportunity to choose between this three options. Courses and Original content would be all members original content, but I was thinking that it could be that some lessons do not fit in any Course topic or collection, but they may still be interesting… I don’t know, it was just a thought, maybe the Course and the rest of content would be just fine!