Course enrollment error

One of my students singed up for my course but the system appointed only three conversations instead of four.
That was because I accidentally created another conversation on the same date.
I realized it then canceled the created conversation.
However, the system did not change it’s mind.
My student still has only three speaking lessons and in Tutor page, I see " There is no report due".
Then I look at “Students enrolled” list and I can see my student name there.

What should I do?

oops! That was by me,Tutor Hitomi, not some unknown person named Suguri. sorry.

Hi Hitomi,

Your student will not have been signed up for the 4th event because of the conflict but they will have received the points to sign up for that event. Therefore, they should go to the Speak page and sign up for a 1 on 1 conversation with you during the week in question. They can then open the lesson that is not tied to a conversation and click the Attach Conversation button and attach the conversation they just signed up for.