Course disappears every time I add a lesson to it

  • Every time I add a lesson to a course, that course just disappears for awhile. If I try to search for it sometimes It’ll pop up, sometimes it won’t.

This has a been a problem for years. Will this be fixed with the new LingQ version?

  • Another problem that I keep having.
    Every time I upload a long lesson, LingQ splits it up into multiple parts (which is great). But one of the lessons doesn’t let me open it up.

For example: I import a lesson. and LingQ divides it until 3 parts. Part 1 and 3 work, but part 2 doesn’t save correctly and it doesn’t let me open up the lesson.
(It seems to always be the 2nd part of the lesson).

So I have to go to Part 1 and see the last sentence, then go to Part 3 and see the first sentence is so I can find out what is suppose to be in Part 2.

It’s such a hassle to re-paste the text, and replace that lesson. Can you guys please check this out. Also these problems are on the current LingQ not the beta.

Thanks. We are familiar with the issue #2 you mentioned regarding the broken lessons when importing a longer text and our developers are trying to figure it out.
I can’t reproduce the #1 on my end. Do you have that problem with one specific course only? Or does it happen with any course you import a lesson to?
If you are curious about the 5.0, you can join the beta group and start using it right away. :slight_smile:

Has there been any progress to problem #2? Does it work on the beta?

Yes, that’s fixed on the Beta and will work properly in LingQ 5.0. Unfortunately we were unable to deal with the problem in LingQ 4.