Course can not be deleted

There is a course that I can not delete from the “my lessons” section. Although I have deleted the course a couple of times, it always reappears (the course’s name is “sports”). I imported the course from the library and wanted to delete it because it is not useful for me. Is there a solution to this problem?

Do you have any lesson from that course that you are actively studying? Course may re-appear if you re-open a lesson that’s part of the course.

I had been studying lessons from that course (I think I completed them). But since I have tried to delete it, I did not re-open a lesson. I looked at the course a couple of minutes ago. Now that the course reappeared, all lessons are new for me (even the ones I studied before). There is no lesson that seems to be open at the moment.

First of all: Thanks for your quick answer :slight_smile: !