What happened to the Listening and Reading counter at the right side of the page?

Is typing in the number of hours and minutes the only way to input the amount of time listened?

Click on the first task icon for that lesson, the one with the ipod image on it. Then you can input your reading and listening time.We are trying to figure out how to make this more obvious.

Alright got it.

One more question.

What is meant by the red iPod image and the green image?

What’s the difference?

The green turns red once you’ve started to manually change its setting or once you’ve started saving lingqs in that lesson and so on.

Red indicates you have completed that task. Once you have listened and read the lesson at least once, the first task is complete and turns red. Once you click “I know all” the second task is complete. Once you submit writing, the third task is complete and when you join a conversation the fourth task is complete.

Mark, maybe the task should be grey if the activity is not done, and green shows that the activity is done. I think this would be more logical.

Yes, why not let the grey colour turn green. Good suggestion.