Counter for "New words" in lessons get confused by LingQing phrases

I’m used to create a lot of LingQs for phrases. It seems to be that the counter “New words” get reduced by every LingQ that I create even if it were a phrase with no new word!

Here is a description of what happened to me:
I took a lesson with only 1 new word. I created a LingQ from a sentence. Then I got the message “You have learned all words on this page. Good work!” The numer of new words was “0” after this. The unknow word wasn’t blue any longer. I hadn’t create a LingQ for it!

At the end I couldn’t click on “I know all”. The button was not clickable. And the second sign which assignements I’ve done didn’t change the color. I had to load the lesson again to get the unknown word highlighted in blue and to click on “I know all” at the end.

There are some minor issues with the New Words counter. there are a number of issues there we are working to resolve. Thanks for the feedback.