Could you Help me to Decide to Stop Learning 3 Languages?

Update: I’ve done it. I have decided to finish the last books I had for those languages and stop. It’s the only way I can put all my energy in my new future goals.

Thank you everybody for participating in this thread.

I have finished the book I had for German, and the book I had for French. Now I only have left the one for Spanish that it should be done in few days.

I add for posterity my beloved ranking results. :smiling_face_with_tear:
But success comes only if we are able to take the right decisions, whatever the cost.

German: 1394 days streak

French: 380 days streak

Good luck for the others in the ranking.


I am still new when it comes to learning a language but I just wanna say: ‘Stay Healthy and all the best ahead!!’