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What do you do in case of a disaster?
The world is changing every day, and natural disasters such as floods, fires, lightnings, twisters, tidal waves and earthquakes are causing a lot of destruction in different countries together with changing the weather. But there is a natural disaster that can be change the history of a place in three minutes. This is the earthquake. Now I am going to give you some advice that you should follow if you are an elementary school teacher. In case you are doing classes in a school and suddenly an earthquake happens, it is a very important that you take control of the situations, but you must always ok in calm because if you are nervous children can behave in a way endanger their lives. Firstly, the children have to place themselves under their tables in order to protect their bodies of a structure collapse. Secondly, children have to get away from the windows; therefore, that the windows may be broken by the strong movements. So, they will keep some parts of their bodies safe from hurting. When the earthquake finishes. You have to count every child and go outside the classroom with them. Do not forget to stay in a place completely clear. It is very important that you take control of the situations and take care of the children. Moreover, it is very important for you not to panic because you can frighten the children. For example if you shout or hysterically cry you can alter some child. Also you do not have to go outside leaving alone those children because it is your responsibility to protect them. In addition, when the earthquake is over, you have to do two important things. You must count every child that is inside the classroom because if you do not do it some child can be so frightened that could not go outside the classroom endangering his or her life. When you go down though a stairs with you students. They have to hold their hands because this way none of them get lost in the walking. In conclusion, when you are an elementary school teacher, you have to take control of the situation and be in calm if a disaster strikes such as earthquake, tidal wave, twister, etc. because it is your responsibility to protect the lives of your students.

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