Could we Have 10% Speed Adjustment?

I remember when Audible updated their iOS app and put those speed values at 1.25x 1.5x etc. Tons of people protested to ask the previous feature of 10% speed increase and decrease. They apologized for the mistake and in circa 2 weeks updated the app.

This is just for saying how much important was to be able to adjust the speed to only 10%. For 100 hours mean 10 hours of time gained.

It would be a lot easier to have just 2 arrows to go + or - 10% on every device.

So that we can have 1.1x 1.2x 1.3x and progressively saving time.

Personally, in this moment I’d like to go 1.7x on Spanish but jumping from 1.5x to 2.0x doesn’t make sense.


EDIT: I also add the technique used by Youtube below with a slide.


Adding 1.25x has already been a big improvement (thanks to the LingQ-Team for that). However 10% increments would be even better. I wouldn’t just call it an opportunity to gain time, but the chance to further improve the efficiency of our language learning with LingQ.

As far as I am concerned, + or - arrows to adjust the speed in both (!) directions would also be a significant improvement, possibly also with 2 keyboard short-cuts for the web-version.


I don’t think this will happen in the near future, but I’ll add this request to our list and we will see what we can do when we get back to improving the audio player.


Slide bar and also entering number value like in MX

Just curious, does anybody follow what was fixed and added since the release of LingQ 5.0? Is there any report or something?

So much was told about how it will be easy to work with the new back-end, fixing bugs and adding features.

Any updates on fixing reading counter. Manually fixing it simply takes away the pleasure of reading texts smoothly. It is a huge distraction.

@Zoran: this will be a very useful feature for learning languages with LingQ that is all about listening and reading.

Could you look into skipping large parts? When going to longer lessons that are split off into several parts, I often have to skip the first 10 minutes or so and that’s very difficult currently. Thanks!

An option to listen only to a loop (which the user can define - and maybe even would get remembered by LingQ) would be a nice addition in LingQ.
Until then we can use workaround solutions (e.g. via download audio and using it outside of LingQ) - however it would be nice to have it included within LingQ at some point in the future.

Indeed, after writing this thread I’ve found a workaround with VLC.