Could we get "advanced" mini stories coming to LingQ?

Steve talked about this in one of his older videos. In the same way that a pro membership is offered to those who translate ministories, could the same be done for a “new” set of ministories? I’d love to see natural, native people talking about their daily lives in 5-15 minute clips.


There’s a lot of content like what you’re asking for for German, which it appears you are learning.

Evgueny has a lot of content he’s created that is excellent. I see several that sound like they would fit, but you might need to poke around a bit.:

Vera also has a bunch…One in particular I’ve been listening to recently is Vera’s Tagabuch, but I think there are some similar type ones…Vera’s Corner and Vera’s Diary.

None of the above content is exactly like the ministories…i.e. the stories aren’t being retold in different perspectives or tenses, but they do fit the bill of natural, native people talking about daily lives.

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Yeah Evgueny really is awesome with his content… I’ve used up pretty much all his material that’s relevant to my level. I’ve moved onto Russian, and his content on there is even better. I would just like to see more Evguenies on LingQ for other languages lol

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