Could a native german speaker record this please? I will return the favor for English

Hi, I have a rather lengthy article auf Deutsch that I would like to import with sound. Rhinospike didn’t work so I’m turning to LingQ. In return I will record anything in English you would like.

Also, if you want you could upload the article into lingQ with your recording, that way you would get the lingQ points when I used the lesson. The lesson is here: RhinoSpike : German Audio : long news article and it is about 3,000 words.

danke im voraus

on second thought, if you upload it as a lingq lesson it will likely violate copyright laws. So I’ll have to import it for personal use.

I would have recorded it already, but for me it’s just too long.
The problem with such a long text is that my concentration will go down and I start making mistakes.
These mistakes must then be removed from the recording which is a very tedious work.
Shorter texts (less than 2-3 min.) are much easier to record.

( I am “hpp23” @ Rhinospike )

Hi James, maybe I can do it tomorrow but it will need some time. It is really very long. I think it will be about 20 minutes long.

In general I’m interested in having some of my writings recorded, too. I want to share them in the English library. You should know that I want to share them on LingQ. Is this OK for you? They are written by me and corrected by a tutor. That’s why I can share them.

They are corrected by a tutor but maybe you should have a short look on them before you record them to proof, if the tutor corrected all my mistakes :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the source of your text. It sounds like a newspaper article. If this article is from a book or a newspaper the use of Rhinospike causes in a legal problem. Rhinospike uses a CC-by licence. Newspaper article or texts from books are not allowed on Rhinospike. Read this (German) blog article to learn more about this: DaF-Blog » Rhinospike – kollaboratives Vertonungsprojekt

In any case you need the permission if you want to share it or you use the recording as a “private” lesson only.

I’m not a member of Rhinospike. I could send you the mp3 with an email. I hope you don’t think that I make things complicated. In Germany it can be expensive if you don’t respect copyright issues, and I’m not rich :wink:

It is great to see our members helping each other.

As much as possible I hope we can share content. It seems to me that a member can use Rhinospike, share the content, and retain ownership of the content in the LingQ library. Another pattern would be for the member to ask another member to record and allow that member to upload and own the content. Of course members can also make their own private arrangements, but the more we can share, the better for everyone.

Uh oh Steve… I feel a group hug coming on…

Hi Vera,

I don’t think there will be any copyright issues if you record the text and send me the audio file. I will then use the audio file plus the text to make my own private lingq lesson. I don’t see how German law could or would prohibit the private use of a news article (not shared) on lingq, but I am no German copyright expert. I linked to rhinospike only because the text is conveniently posted there already. The article is on the web here: ZEIT ONLINE | Lesen Sie mit Werbung oder im PUR-Abo. Sie haben die Wahl.

I would be happy to read anything in English that you would like Vera. It is okay with me if you then share them with the lingq library. The more content the better :slight_smile:


Nevermind! I just found out someone on rhinospike recorded my article for me. :slight_smile: So I guess I should have just been patient.

Thank you for letting me know, James. As you said is copyright no issue as long as you don’t share it. Thank you for offering recordings, too. Firstly, I’m on holiday but after my holiday I’ll have a look which texts I want to have recorded.

I’ve listened to the first minutes of the recording. I think the sound quality is a bit noisy. The accent is quite neutral. I would read some parts in another rhythm but this is a personal preference, and a question of taste.