Copyright question ... can I share this course?

The following resource is often suggested to Korean learners: 오디오클립

It’s a series of Korean texts, of increasing length and difficulty, and on a variety of topics. There is an audio recording of each text, read with nice intonation and pacing. It’s excellent and interesting learning content. And it’s big: ~ 380000 words and 86 hours of audio.

The text and audio are freely available at the above link, although they make it difficult to download the audio. And there is a copyright notice at the bottom of the page.

I’d love to turn this content (text and audio) into a course and share it, but I don’t know if I’m allowed to. I imagine the answer is no. But if someone knows their way around copyright rules and what’s allowed on LingQ, I’d appreciate getting a firm answer.

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Hi, dgbeecher!

You´re on the safe side if you don´t share this material with other users on LingQ.
Otherwise, I’d say it’s probably copyright infringement, because the authors haven’t written anything about “Creative Commons” licenses (About The Licenses - Creative Commons) on their website:
“본 콘텐츠의 저작권은 저자 또는 제공사에 있으며, 이를 무단 이용하는 경우 저작권법 등에 따라 법적 책임을 질 수 있습니다.”
In English:

To be sure, you could also write a short email to the content creators asking if they allow sharing their material for non-commercial purposes. However, since LingQ is a profit-oriented company, there might be a problem even if you don’t want to make a profit with this Korean material yourself!

See also:
“Do your copyright laws have extraterritorial application to deal with foreign-owned or foreign-operated websites that infringe copyright?
While there is no specific provision addressing extraterritorial application to deal with foreign-owned or foreign-operated websites, the copyrighted works of Korean nationals, works created in Korea, and the works which Korea has the obligation to grant copyright protection under international treaties are protected under the Copyright Act.” (Copyright in South Korea - Lexology).

Have a nice day

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Peter! Good to know that the “Creative Commons” license is one to look for if I am wanting to share content here. I guess I will play it safe for now. But I may write to the creators someday about sharing on LingQ, which would make this content more discoverable and widely used here.

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Yoú´re welcome!

In my opinion, LingQ can´t answer your question because they don t know exactly how the Korean content creators interpret “copyright”.

So if you want to make this content publicly available on LingQ, it´s best to first contact the content creators and get their explicit permission to publish their audio files and texts here.