Copying with the mouse don't work when I create a LingQ

If I create a LingQ and I want to copy parts of the “usage” field into the “hint” field by using the mouse and pressing “Strg” at the same moment (equivelent to strg+c and strg+v) it works like cut+paste, not like copy+paste.
I know, it’s a minor problem but I felt you should know this.

I meant “phrase” instead of “usage”.

@Vera - I’m not exactly clear on what is happening here. Are you saying you are trying to copy words from the phrase field to paste them in the hint field and the words from the phrase field are being cut instead of copied? That doesn’t seem to be happening to me and it doesn’t sound like a LingQ problem if it is. What browser are you seeing this on?

Yes, exactly. I have this problem with Chrome (Iron). Now I’ve tested it with FF and it works with FF. It seems to be a problem of Chrome (Iron).