Cool tool for ipod,iphone,ipad users (or anybody else)

One thing that annoyed me when I added the lyrics to my iphone was that I could only put the translations at the end of the transcriptions. This tool allows to put it inline. You add it as an extension in Safari, highlight text you want to translate, it sends it line by line to google translate, and places the translations after each line (on the web it will parenthesize and color green which makes it easier to see). Next just copy and paste to the lyrics of your mp3. Its called Franker named after Ilyad Frank.
Heres a cool screenshot from my ipad.

Wow, that is fascinating! Even for a non-techie like me it seems a great tool.

Thanks a lot for the hint, Richard! I have bought the app for iPod touch and it looks very useful.

too bad it doesn’t work on other platforms but only Mac OS and iOS. I want it on linux or windows D: Looks like a awesome tool though.

It works as an extension on the safari browser in windows, i downloaded safari just to use it. It really works well on the ipad/iphone (.99 cents in the app store) which doesn’t have any kind of pop up dictionary on any browser (that i know of), and since lingq doesn’t function very well (when you click a lingq to see a hint, the hint pops up way too low, making you have to scroll down to find it) on the ipad/iphone. This combined with the fabulous new quicklingqs is almost making me fully mobile.