Converting an understander into a speaker

@edwin said: "So it is a book from the ‘opposition’. Is he teaching a ‘classroom-only’ approach, or does he still encourage students to go out and get in touch with the language themselves? "

The way I see it, internet teaching is a new method of teaching, that will supplement, complement and maybe even replace the “old”, classroom approach. Making it student-centred shouldn’t be too radical: when I was teaching in universities, 15 years ago, “student-centred” was the new buzz-word and the training I had then emphasised it (even though it clearly wasn’t a good model to adopt with the students we had to teach).

AS far as I can see, to train and qualify as a teacher you need to train “old-style”, using textbooks that refer to classrooms only, and being able to demonstrate classroom experience. This annoys me and will continue to annoy me until I have found and read some more modern textbooks that deal with internet teaching.

Actually, perhaps I should stop grumbling and google “internet language teaching”. Watch this space :-0