Conversation/Tutor query

Hi everyone,
I need to ask something regarding the Portuguese part of LingQ. I started a thread in the “Ask your teacher” section a couple of days ago but there has so far been no response. The thing is, I submitted a piece of writing about a week ago, but since then I haven’t heard anything from my tutor, and there are also seemingly no conversations available either now or in the near future. Does anyone know what the situation is?
Of course I understand that all the tutors have their own busy lives, and no doubt lots of work etc, or perhaps they’re on holiday, but as I’m in the dark at the moment, it would be nice to find out what the current situation is.

Does anyone have any information or ideas?
Thank you/obrigado.

Hi Charlie81,

I’m very sorry about that. We will definitely find a tutor for you. I know some of our Portuguese tutors are busy until the new year. Thanks for letting us know.

Let us hear from our Portuguese speaking friends. We welcome more tutors. It is no longer necessary to be a paying member in order to tutor.

Hi, Charlie,
I just corrected your text. I’m really sorry for this, also. For what I read, you’re an amazing student, and I really hope you can be patient enough until the LingQ team can find a good solution for you, ok?

Wow, Ana, nice to hear from you. I know you were taking a rest from LingQ, with all your other activities. Thank you very much. I hope we will have more tutors, in Portuguese and in other languages. Please do not hesitate to get involved.

I posted a note on the wall of a recent member and LingQ friend from Brazil about the need for Portuguese tutors.

Concerning the same general topic:

I would like to study with certain tutors, but I would like to know more about them before I submit my writing. Are they still active? Do they have more students than they can handle? It’s okay to submit writing to several tutors, isn’t it?

Maitee and others. Go to their profile, Write on their walls. Choose them as friends. Let’s get more interactive in this community. Remember, we no longer require a tutor to be a paying member.

Hey, Steve,
you have no idea how hard it has been for me to be away from LingQ… :wink:
I’m just finishing up my academic year and then I’m entering a total vacation period of 30 days in a row. I hope that my doctor is right, and this is the final cure for this chronic exhaustion that has haunted me during almost the entire year. Let’s just have our fingers crossed!

Hi Ana,
Thank you so kindly for correcting my work. Not only is it greatly appreciated it will also help me a great deal.
With regards a solution, don’t worry, I have plenty of work and things to be getting on with in the meantime, and I’m sure LingQ will do its best to sort something out asap. I hope that you’re ok, and enjoy your rest. Take it easy e (mais uma vez) muito obrigado pela sua ajuda!