Conversations in French

I am interested in one-on-one conversations in French, for 30 minutes, at 4pm UK time (5pm French time) Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays. Would any French tutor be interested in holding these for me? I’m intermediate 1.

Hi Helen
I set a one on one conversation on Friday from 5pm to 5:30 pm my time. If you want you can sign up.

Hi Helen, I set up one on one at this time as well so you have the choice :slight_smile:

Hi Skyblueteapot!
5pm is soon here in France most of people are still working. Nevertheless I can try to be at home once a week sooner. What about next Tuesday? It’s quite quiet on tuesday at work.

Thanks everyone! I don’t want to disturb your work or home schedules!

It’s just that would like to have regular French and Russian lessons, and I have a very bad memory for lesson days and times. I thought that maybe I could have all my lessons at the same time of day, then it would be easier to remember them. My Russian tutor is 5 hours ahead of me, which makes 4pm UK time good for Russian lessons…

It may be that we can sort out a better time for French lessons and a way I can remember 2 different days and times each week.

Bonjour chère Helen,
Comment allez-vous? Vous avez avec Montréal 5 heures d’avance, donc pour une conversation à 16h votre heure, il serait 11h pour moi à Montréal. Moi aussi j’éprouve de la difficulté à « dealer » avec les fuseaux horaire. Ce n’est pas possible pour moi à cette heure, mais j’aimerais tant vous entendre parler français. Si, par hasard, une autre plage horaire vous intéresse, tenez-moi au courrant; je tâcherai d’organiser mon temps. Recevez mes meilleures salutations. Marguerite

Hi Helen, I am pleased to set up regular discussions at this time on Tuesdays and Fridays if it is the best time for you. I did, and there is no disturbance at all :slight_smile: