Conversations for Beginning French

I am a French beginner and would like more information about the conversations. Are they structured for beginners? Would I be reading from a prepared script? I don’t have a large vocabulary and would have problems speaking for just a few minutes. I can’t imagine carrying on a conversation for fifteen minutes. I have Skype but have not used it. Any information about the conversations and Skype will be greatly appreciated.

There is no structure to the conversations other than what the specific tutor deems to be effective. Every tutor has a different style, so it’s difficult to know what to expect with a conversation. However, all tutors will be very understanding of your level and will make sure that you’re not uncomfortable even if you’re struggling to find words or say things correctly.

Here are a couple of examples that some members have posted on YouTube. There are more as well if you’re interested:
Keith & Steve Kaufmann Speak Japanese Part 1 - YouTube (Keith and steve)
- YouTube (DavidMartin and alsuvi)

For beginners 1-on-1-conversations’s are the best. You can make contact to the tutor in advance, and clarify your expectation. Our tutors are really flexible, and try honestly to help you in a way you like. All the french tutors have a good knowledge of English (as far as I know), and they are all language learners too. Don’t worry!

Hello. In such discussions, English is used as well as French. I use English to explain things, and you can use English when you do not how to express something in French, I’ll tell you and guide you in the way it is said in French. I created courses for beginner. If you want, you could follow them. I’ll send you an email to explain you how they’re organized. Don’t worry. Anytime you have questions, need explanations, you’ll get answers from a tutor. Each tutor has his/her way to tutor. Conversations are organized with the students, according to what they want and need. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting those links. They are very helpful, and I also discovered all the other wonderful LingQ YouTube videos. I’ve just spent a few hours viewing and reviewing them instead of working on the vocabulary I planned to work on today.

Glad to see that you are enjoying the videos made by several different LingQ members :slight_smile: