Conversation sign-up problem

I tried to sign-up for a conversation with the Chinese tutor. I checked the checkbox for the time I want and click the sign-up button but nothing happened.

Would you be able to let us know which browser you’re using, and also try another browser to see if it’s an issue across multiple browsers?

Sorry, I forgot to report my browser.

Firefox 15.0.1
Mac OS X 10.6.8

I gave this a shot in Firefox and a couple of other browsers as well and didn’t seem to have any problems signing up. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes there is a delay after clicking the button, but if you wait a little bit the confirmation window should eventually display. What happens if you click it and just leave the page for say 1 minute – does the confirmation notice ever show up?

Nope, the confirmation for conversation sign-up does not show up. Not even after a minute. There are no errors either. Just nothing seems to happen.

I can think then of a few of things:
(1) Can you try this again but open up the error console (Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome) and take a screenshot of any errors that show there?
(2) Can you try this in another browser such as Chrome (if you haven’t yet)?
(3) Make sure that the conversation takes place more than 24 hours in the future, otherwise you won’t be able to sign up for the conversation.
(4) Try using the Request Conversation feature by going to this tutor’s profile then clicking “Request conversation” and selecting a date and time there.

  1. I already opened the error console and saw that there were no errors.
  2. I don’t have Chrome or use any other browsers.
  3. The conversation I was trying to sign up for was for the 13th of Oct. which is a few days into the future.
  4. I had tried the Request Conversation feature for another tutor on the same day and it had worked fine.

Since I can’t reproduce the error (despite using the same browser and replicating the situation) and no errors show, it sounds like the issue might be on your end. If you try another browser it may very well work for you, but if you would prefer not to do that then I would recommend using the Request Conversation feature since that will let you request a more specific time anyways.

Another tutor is now available for Chinese and I could sign up for a conversation with that tutor, but I still cannot sign up for a conversation with the other tutor. So you are going to have to test on that specific tutor. The tutor that you need to test on is sunqian0818.

Thanks for the extra info, Keith. Hopefully this helps to figure out this issue once and for all :slight_smile: