Conversation reports and speaking awards appear in the wrong language

I have taken a few classes for French and Italian now, but the last two classes (one Italian conversation and one in French) appear as Romanian. I had to copy the imported reports because I could not save them into the correct language. That would be no problem, however the speaking award was also counted for Romanian, and I have not taken any classes in this language. That is a minor problem, however, I wanted you to know about it.

@Safran - Thanks for the heads up about this. I will add this to our list and we’ll take a closer look when we get a chance.

@Safran - How did you import those reports? Can you tell us the steps you took? Did you click through to the report from the email or from your Timeline notification? Or, from the My Conversations list on the Speak page itself? If you clicked from the email, please send us a copy of the email you received to support at Thanks for any additional information you can provide.

The conversation reports from my last two French lessons have appeared on my Spanish page. I’m assuming this is because I had lingq set to Spanish at the time my tutors sent me the reports. It is a little frustrating not being able to use the very convenient ‘import as lesson’ feature.

@djvlbass - Can you tell us where you clicked to have those reports open up in a different language? We can’t seem to make it happen here.


The French conversation reports appear on my Spanish timeline. I have not clicked anywhere.

Aaahh…the notifications are in your Timeline no matter which language you are in. However, if you actually open and then import the report, it should open up in the correct language. Is that not the case?


This is not the case. It does import into the French side, but the notification exists only on my Spanish timeline.

Now that I look at my first post I realize that I was not 100 percent accurate. Still, I’d prefer for my French notifications to be on my French side.

@dvjlbass - Ahh…you’re right. We will look into that. In the meantime, it will still function properly if you click the Import button after opening it up. Once you click the button the text is imported into the correct language even though the language displayed while looking at the initial report may not be correct.

@mark I clicked on the timeline link. I tried the email with a new report and it worked well. However, the timeline link cannot be put in the correct language, not even if you try to adapt the import details on the import save page. (I hope you know what I mean, sorry I cannot explain any better)

This happens if you have the wrong language open while booking a class or going online when a report has been sent!

The language will not be the correct one if you click the import button, I even tried to save it under another language; and yet zilch!

@Safran - Yes, thanks, we identified the issue with the Timeline link and will be pushing a fix for that in our next update.