Conversation or Courses in French

Hi everyone!!!
One of my goals for this year is start to learn French.
I have spent three weeks listening basic content in French, and I really like it. I think it’s time to exercise my pronunciation, but I can’t find a convenient time for me to start a Beginner Course.

Could a Tutor in French be so nice to create a Beginner Course from 8:00 pm or later on week days? My time is GMT-06:00 (Central US time).

Thanks a lot!!!


I hope someone volunteers, although that is a difficult time for our European friends, since they are a asleep. If no one else volunteers, I would be glad to create a course for that time. I am not a native but I speak French quite well. Let’s wait and see what happens.

Hi Francisco,

My name is Serge and I’m a French Tutor. To me the problem is not to create a course tailored to your level but rather to find a correct time for both of us. As Steve said above, at this time - 8:00 pm Central US time - we, here are either asleep or insomniac. I think I could possibly arrange a course at 11pm - namely 5pm your time - at the latest. If this time is convenient for you, let me know.

I’m afraid that 8pm Central US time is not possible for me as it’s in the middle of the night in France. However, if you can have discussions on Sundays morning or afternoon, I might be able to do some discussions that day. Let me know if you can and what time suit you best.

Hi I really appreciate your comments, I didn’t realize the time difference.
On weekends is a great idea, I think having one on one conversations would work fine for me,!!!
I will look for Marianne or Serge availability on Sundays mornings.

Thanks again!!!