Conversation - no tutor in arranged time - what to do?

Dear Denis,

You have signed up for the following Conversation:

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014 @ 17:30 (MSK GMT+0400)
Title: To Be Determined
Tutor: Nia Nia, SkypeName: yehrooz

Please have Skype open at the scheduled time and wait to be contacted by
your tutor. If you are late or, for some reason, you are not contacted
by your tutor, please call your tutor on Skype using the SkypeName


LingQ Support

Dear Sirs,

Nobody on Skype in arranged time. No calls to me, no answers for my calls to the tutor Teacher Nia.

And -500 points ((((

What to do?

Scan of Scype is attached.

I am disappointed.

Yours, Denis

The tutor solved the problem. Thanks.

@surgarh - Great to hear that the problem has been solved! :slight_smile: Have a good conversation!