Conversation in english

Hello friends!! lets have an english conversation.
This is Ankur from India.I think continuous speaking or conversation can help us to improve the spoken language.we will have an audio chat on skype or yahoo will do too.let’s chat in conference,that is surley gonna improve.We will chat on different topics,about our different cultures,sports and many more…
so I request to all of the english learners to start a conversation.I guess, this is the one of the right way to get hold on please everyone join the conversation.Also the native speakers of english can join and help us to improve.we will chat after 2 or 3 hours.
please revert your responce for this thread.if conversation time is not convenient to you,then its fine but atlest leave your comment here.We’ll try to chat some other time. :slight_smile:

hi fri!!

I would like to improve the spoken language coz my eng is poor!! so i need to practice more and more…just leave a commet to u…

what else next?


to whom it may concern,

Dear all , i am Nina from Georgia, i want to improve my speaking English, but unfortunately i haven’t’ enough time, but i will try. the

you can addd me on skype…my user name is smarty 1287
we ll chat there and hope we will surely improve :slight_smile:
waiting for your reply…

Hi Ankursatam,

I’ve already added you to my Skype list

add me as smarty1287…and also prduce your skype id…buzz me anytime when you find me online :slight_smile:

my name’s Hoang.
i want to i,prove my speaking skill.
add me as “hoangkf” on spyke

Hi,my name is Zeljko and I’m from Croatia.I would like to speak English fluent and I need someone who want to speak with me.My Skype name is zeljko.horg
add me as zeljko.horg on Skype and we can speak when you have free time.

hi my name is raffid i am from Iraq i want you to help me improve my English speaking. add me as raffid63 on Skye.every one is welcome to practice English speaking with.

Hello my name is Thomas and I would really appreciate to chat with you all in order to brushing up my english!
Simply provide me with a note are some other convinent marks and we will chat for a while and see whether it would be workable or not.
My skype: energie771

yes sure why not this is my email
if you like just send to me message my skype abdulrahman alzahrani see you soon

Hello Ankur, this is Horst from Germany. I’m delighted about your inquiry because I’m seeking after such kind of contact. If you’re interested in having contact with me pls. do not hesitate to contact me over skype.

I admit to be curious. What did you experienced talking to other non native speakers? Is it helpful? Do you feel you make progress? Please share your thoughts.

That is exactly what I do not know. I agree with you that regarding skill improvement to talk with native speaker would be better. On the other hand to get in contact with different people from different countries with different cultural matrix could be interesting. There is also the fact that job related I have to talk in english with customers from not english speaking countries. This is also a difficult circumstance of me. To talk with customers is not riskless for me so I want to improve my spoken skills over this way. Do you have other proposals for both Ankur and me?

I understand your problem. It is more difficult to understand non-native speakers of English.
I would suggest group conversations. There is a Tutor as a native speaker, and other participants are non-native speakers. So you have both, and you will get a feedback from the Tutor.

Welcome Horst. I definitely recommend speaking (and writing). Although I am a proponent of input based learning, and spent most of my leaning time listening and reading, at some point we have to use the language. The better our level, the more we have to speak.
I prefer speaking with native speakers. The reason is that even while speaking, my main focus is on listening. The non-native speaker is not a model that I want to imitate. Here at LingQ, we have the further advantage that the native speaker tutor will send me a report with the words and phrases that I had trouble with. I study these carefully. Often , when speaking I discover my gaps, and when I get my report I am reminded of them. I can then save words and phrases from this report to my database for review. They will appear in yellow in my future tests.
I think that it is also a good idea to exchange contact information (skype) with other learners, and exchange conversations with non-native speakers in order to get to know members of our community. I have limited time, so it is not something that I do. I prefer to speak to our native speaker tutors.
You are certainly welcome to become a tutor here. Please let me know when you are ready to do so. You can commit as much or as little time as you want, from one hour a month to one hour a day.

future texts

one day we will get the ability to edit on the forum, in the meantime I will continue to make typos!!

I think that you both are probably right. After an odysee in englisch learning last two years without appreciable success I have found your internet project and agreed with your notion immediately. My first step was it to find out what is the best way for me to learn english language best and without pressure. Now I want to proceed my way. Important for me is to do this without added pressure, because my previous experiences in learning foreign languages were not the best. So I am looking for other people with them I can talk about issues I am interested in, e.g. endurance sports like long distance running. To take part in a lesson is not the way I can imagine currently. But I am sure I will find my own way the near future. Meanwhile I am pleased to be able to help people who are interested in learning the german language.

There’s a saying in English “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”. If you tried a lesson you’d quickly find the lessons aren’t lesson! The ones I have participated in (French, Spanish, Swedish) are definitely chats, chats directed by the tutor. I think of the tutor as Betreuer or Schiedsrichter, guiding us to our goal. In your case talking to non-natives without the presence of a tutor may be a waste of time, given that you want to learn quickly and well. On the other hand, wat dem ienen sin uhl is dem annern sin naktigall… Have you tried talking to people in a Dr Strunz forum? I can imagine that there are like-minded English speakers?

Every time I have talked with Marathon beginners I tried to encourage all of them in like manner. I know you are right and certainly I am ready to start. But I am feeling you know what I meant - your bird compare is absolutely right. Unfortunately Dr. Strunz is not my favored expert. I have no intention of speaking about Marathon training either in these forums or in english discussion groups. But I had the idea that I am sure in this at least so that I could concentrate myself on english language. I know that I am not very interested in artificial discussions like I have got to known in Berlitz School about two years ago (in preparation for my new job). There we have spoken about unreal situations. Nevertheless I am interested in other people, countries and ways of life as well. Gradually I am going to realize how difficult it is to speak about emotions in a foreign language. Many thanks to all who well-advice me. It helps!