Conversation for someone on Basic

I have been invited to sign up for a French conversation tomorrow. I have Basic membership. May I join the group, nevertheless?

Hi Sanne,
Your membership is not relevant for participation in conversation; you can join any conversation you want to join. But you know that you need to pay - if you’re a basic member, it will cost you 5$ per conversation, regardless of how many people will sing up. You always pay for you 15 min, and each participant add additional 15 min to group conversation. You have all the information in the Speak section. For my opinion, group conversations are more interesting, but I know that some people enjoy more one-on-one conversations with a tutor.

You don’t have to join a conversation if someone invites you, if you do join you have to chip in 500 points.

A lot of us are a bit shy of speaking with total strangers and we like to form little cliques of students we know are at about our level and who maybe have similar interests.

For my part, I prefer a 1 on 1 conversation. I have the tutor just for me!
Sometimes, with 3 other people, it’s difficult: the students are not of equal strength and it raises a problem of understanding each other and thus, wastes of time.
On the other hand, when the students are of equal strength, it gives very interesting conversations. That’s why I agree with Helen.
But finding a good group takes time and a 1 on 1 doesn’t need any research!
To speak during one hour it is an investment or time that I do not always have.

I like both group and 1-on-1 discussions, as on 1-on-1s I can develop my speaking abilities, and on group discussions – listening abilities. I understand natives rather well, but I have some problems with understanding of non-natives’ speech. So, group discussions are just what I need :wink:

I find 4-on-1s stressful, I prefer 2-on-1s, as a student and as a tutor. Especially when the two students are clearly comfortable speaking together!