Conversation follow up

Hi All,
I just received a conversation report from Marianne and an MP3. I’m like totally shocked of the quality of customer care provided.

Is this quality provided by Marianne a standard for all tutors like mikebond, steve etc? Or do different tutors do different things on completion of conversations?

On a side note, I actually did some maths on the prices offered. Actually, I found that to get a cheap French tutor in Hong Kong who is willing to have a 1-on-1 with me would cost roughly $300HKD/hour if I’m lucky. This is also a person who is simply a native speaker but not necessarily aware of learners needs. However, it costs $150HKD/hour with

You will be able to become a tutor of beginner English (Chinese) and of Chinese (for foreigners) on LingQ in order to get points. I am willing to talk with you in Chinese or English on LingQ. Of course, you can get points.
We will make progress together!!

For me… Marianne did a super duper job. So I’m expecting ALL tutors even Steve to have a certain level of service as Marianne does. Actually, not to have a big ego or anything, I would rather pay for my French and not do things in a free way. That is free points does not motivate me. Time = Money, and I would prefer to allocate ALL my time to French over tutoring in English. I only know Cantonese, but not Manadrin so Chinese is not an option for me :frowning:

What I think I will do>>>

I’ll have 1 hour of French with Marianne per week
1 hour with Steve in French (if possible) - Not sure if he would permit
1 hour with another French tutor, preferably another guy as I listen to Marianne’s voice already for n-number of hours per day

The reason why I don’t want everything with Marianne is because it keeps topics interesting to talk random stuff with different people, it’s more interesting to meet more people to help with French and also adjust to different people’s spoken styles and speeds.

I still pay for weekly private cantonese conversations even though i have lived in Hong Kong for the last 5 years and can speak it well already, you never stop learning.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. I am very happy that you like LingQ.

Milanmaras, I agree with you about paying for the tutoring services–time is indeed money.

I can tell you from my experience with 4 different French tutors here at LingQ that the service is superb. In my writing reports, my work was assessed with care, precision, erudition, and professionalism. To date, I have only had conversation sessions with Marianne-- an absolutely wonderful experience, to be sure!

Arguably, one tutor should suffice to provide close and critical attention. Certain areas in need of improvement will be readily noted, because a regular tutor will have observed your language development over a period of time, and will design a teaching method geared to your language needs based on how you process information within that perpetual framework.

As a regular student of one regular tutor, certain patterns in your language development will emerge; consequently, your regular tutor will address, amend, and implement various pedagogical forms designed just for you proportional to your specific language learning needs.

Conversely, working with multiple tutors can be an enjoyable experience as well as an educational one; it’s like having a circle of teachers who will attend to different areas of difficulties and/or needs. You’ll encounter new and varied approaches.
You will continue to grow in your language development, because you will have a vast network of guidance from which to draw upon.