Controlling the audio while reading is difficult

If a text in a lesson is longer it is not easy to pause or stop the audio. I have to scroll to get the control over the audio. I suggest, the sidebar shouldn’t scroll with the text.

I don’t think I understand your issue Vera. Quite honestly, I can’t imagine why we would not want the sidebar to scroll with the text. How else will you be able to access the audio player for a long text?

The problem is that I scroll down to read the text. Then the audioplayer dissappears from my screen.

Ah, I see. This problem exist only in IE7. There is no problem in FF. I think it was correct 2 or 3 days ago in IE7 too.

Looks like that is a problem in IE8 and IE7. I have now finally managed to install IE7 so I can see what you are seeing. It’s basically the same as in IE8 since we force compatibility mode on our site. I see that scrolling issue. We haven’t changed anything there so it must have been good old Microsoft. We will fix it.

Whoops! That was me in my IE account…undercover.

Updates! Yes, I got some updates 2 days ago. Billyjoe is really cute.

Hi Mark, I forgot to mention that there was a java update too!

Hi Mark, Is there a solution in the next future?

Hi Vera, it is on our high priority list. We hope to get to it soon.

Thank you, Mark.