Contradictory level display

Although this is not an issue for me, I don’t understand why in some places I see my level display as “Advanced 2” and in other places as “Advanced 3”.

I reported this once. It is very confusing. It seems that in some places, the level is the level you are currently at, and in others, it is the level you are currently aiming for. It’s very strange, but of course not important.

@josemaria92000 - Would you be able to give me some examples of where you see these different levels?

@ alex

Here, it says ‘Level: Advanced 3’ under the pokemon.

(By the way, sorry for the pokemon nudity. I can take this one down if there are children likely to read this.)

Here on my cool Steve-signed LingQ certificate, it says I have achieved ‘Advanced 2’.

And here, on the annoying pokemon powerup bar, it says I am almost at ‘Advanced 4’.

In my case: in the avatar store it says “Your Avatar Level: Advanced 2” (I’m supposed to be at level Advanced 3, because I already reached 100% known words for that level). Under the lessons it says “To advanced 4 78%” (I reached 100% words for level 3 and now I’ve got 78% to reach level 4). In the certificate it also says “Advanced 2”. There is something wrong with the automatic transition between levels.

@ColinJohnstone, josemaria92000 - Thanks! We’ll get these fixed :slight_smile: