Continue reading a book/course 5.0

In the old LingQ, at the bottom LingQ would list stuff that you had been reading recently so you could continue reading it. I liked this feature. There is a Continue Studying at the top of the list in the Library on 5.0 but it requires more taps. And I’m reading a book which is split up into several lessons (this one has 44) so I then have to scroll down to find the lesson I was reading before.

Is there a faster way?

I haven’t used 5.0 yet, but you bring up something important. If the answer to your question is “No,” then it’s another confirmation of an ongoing issue that has plagued LingQ for years: so much about the app/site etc has been so over-engineered as to be downright annoying and at times unworkable.

I found a faster way thank goodness. I had it set to courses but if you set it to lessons then it lists recent lessons instead of courses which is basically the same as in the old version.

Glad to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile: