Continue adding definitions to unknown words after exceeding your links limit

It would be useful to all if those who exceed their limit of links could still add definitions and hints to unknown words, even though they would not be able to add them to their own lists until upgrading.

I don’t really see how that would work. You can’t create Hints and Phrases without first creating a LingQ.

Say you’re reading a lesson. You’ve run out of LingQs. You look up the word, you now know what it means. Maybe you can’t create a LingQ, but it would be helpful to all if you could at least add a definition or hint. Presently that’s not possible.

or even see the definition of the word. I may not be able to create a link but would still like to be able to see what the word likely means. Not really useful if you don’t subscribe I have come to find.

Like any trial program you are given enough functionality to see if it suites your needs. If so, subscribe (upgrade)!

That is why I don’t make lingqs. I prefer to just click the blue words each time to see the definitions, then make paper flashcards. Sometimes the old fashion way is better.

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@Ozzy: I would not say that the old fashion way is ‘better’. It’s great if it works for you. But if you would have created about 10,000 flashcards in a language, you would appreciate how LingQ works. Your way would really slow me down. What I like is the fast access to the dictionaries, and the fast way to create a hint from a dictionary entry. I came to LingQ when there was no limit in creating LingQs for free members. That was great because I had the chance to experience the system and learn how LingQ works for two or three month before I decided to become a paying member. I’m not sure if I were a member if the restrictions would have been the same like now.


@ozzy, Lingqs are not only words but also phrases. The power of the lingQ system is creating lingQs and seeing them over and over in the lessons studied. The ability to import your own lessons into the lingQ system is in my opinion where the power is. I would say that using Ling the way you are will result in slow learning at best if at all.