Content without audio - anyone interested?

Not sure if this topic has been discussed before.

I am currently working on my French with LingQ. I notice that there are not a lot of public French content, and most of them are contributed by our instructor. I myself am importing a lot of content, a majority of them I found from the Internet, but most of them don't have audio. So I keep them private.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to share my text-only content (provided there is no copyright restriction of course). This way, some French native-speakers might drop by and might be interested in doing some recordings on them.


You raise an interesting point, one which we are looking at. Bear in mind that nothing will happen soon.

I think it would be a good idea to be able to share text only content. This is not only for the value of certain text only content, but also if I have taken the trouble to load up the text of a free classical ebook , for which the audio book exists commercially, I would be happy to share it. Then it is up to people to decide whether to buy that audio book.

I also would like to have people share URL’s of good learning resources. We can do so at this Forum, and eventually we can feature them on the Import page in LingQ. Not everything needs to be in the store. People can import. We can only share what is copyright free, but we can use a much wider range of content.

We are also going to improve the ability of our members to record things for others. I suspect that there is greater benefit in going for text where the audio is available, even if for a charge. A good audio book is many hours of listening to a professional narrator.

However, we believe there are a number of situations where native speakers and tutors can record things for others and really help them. Stay tuned.