Content generation, transcription burden X authorship rights

I was just thinking about ways of generating content without the burden of transcripting while avoiding problems with authorship rights.
Then this idea came to my mind: when I write an scientific or academic paper, it’s not illegal to cite someone’s works. The only conditions to do this legally is to write literal text between quotation marks and indicate clearly the author and the source in the references section. You don’t even need to ask for authors agreement, as long as I know.
So I thought I could generate content (in my own native language, of course!) by making short initial and/or final comments on the subject I choosed and then read the text. The transcription would keep this part inside quotation marks. By doing this, I could reduce the transcription burden a lot, since the quoted (and already written!) text would make up most of the item.
What do you think about it? Are there limits between quoted material and original one?

Hi Ana,

I am not sure we can grab large chunks of text in this way, but if you are sure, go ahead. I prefer to approach any source, and get their permission to use their content and for us to add audio. Most are happy to say yes. Some, like librivox and Wikipedia just want to make sure that the content is available free (which ours is at and that they are given recognition.

Hi, Steve,
Indeed, I’m not quite sure too. I know I can do this in academic situations, but I’m not sure about the limits of doing this outside an academic environment. I’ve seen something similar to this in some blogs.
I intend to make some attempts trying to be somewhat ‘reasonable’ Of course, just saying "hello, here we have a text from a great site called… " and read for half an hour doesn’t seem reasonable to me!
Well, I’ll try soon some ideas I have in mind, and then you tell me if my notion of ‘reasonable’ seems reasonable to you too, ok?
By the way, I’m not finding it easy to get permission from blogs or podcasts. I tryied three different ones and no one answered me… well, I’ll keep trying.