Content from "What's that? Part 1"

there is a sentance at the bottom of What’s That Part 1
“questi sono dei tavoli”

However I learned that Tavola (table) is feminine… So shouldn’t it be queste sono della tavole? Tavoli would only be used if table was a masculine noun. Does anyone have any insight into this?

Please post this kind of question on the ask the Tutor Forum or the Forum you access from the Lesson (Comments/Notes), or the Italian Forum. We would need the context to be able to answer. This Forum is intended for questions about the kind of content we would like to have.

What does your User hint or dictionary say?

To my knowledge both tavola and tavolo are used although in slightly different ways. The following from a forum on the web. ( I googled tavolo and tavola). This is an interesting subject for people learning Italian but on this Forum it is kind of lost.

tavola e tavolo…not easy! thay are both correct, and indicate the same thing, a table, but the use is slightly different. So, I would say: “a tavola!” to call for lunch (= lunch is ready!), never use the feminin here!. Same for " il prenzo é in tavola"(= dinner is served), and “sedersi atavola”, “essere a tavola”. I do not know how to express it, but “tavola” can be slightly less concrete, while when you mean “table”, the object, you must say “tavolo” e.g. un tavolo di legno, un tavolo pesante. You would say: "vado al ristorante e mi siedo a tavola "(it means, in a way, I take a seat), but you shoul say “vado al ristorante e mi siedo al tavolo sulla destra” (it means, “that specific table”).

Sorry I thought this forum was for all content. Thanks so much for this important explanation! I’m so happy to understand it now.