Content about daily news

I am looking for a website from which I could import for my personal use daily news in english. I try BBC but I don’t find it convenient.

I would recommend
Although I’m afraid you’re trying to acquire the British English accent in that case I don’t know what to suggest.

Thanks Don but There are often pictures or video in the text which is not convenient…

Well, maybe you should master the art of copy and paste :slight_smile: It’s never too late to learn something new. You can import the text only and listen to the audio on your PC/mp3 player.

The BBC speaks the words of the GODS! How dare you find it inconvenient?

They do seem to rely more on video clips than actual typed words though. Maybe the Guardian? Or the Independent, or the Telegraph.

Sometimes these sites offer a printable version for each article which is also more convenient for cut&paste. I’d suggest the site “on the media”, which has a lot of transcribed texts with comments on what’s going on the media. It’s kind of “meta”-news, which means they usually go a little bit deeper in the topics.

@anapaula: this is totall off-topic, I know, but your English is amazing now. You and Aineko with her Spanish should be walking advertisements for LingQ. Absolutely impressive.