Concerning Flashcards (And Stuff And Things)

Hi, I was wondering if I could increase my daily flashcard limit, and offer a suggestion.

  1. Personally I’ve been getting over a hundred LingQs per day over the past few days, so I know I have more potential cards than the 200 I can actually use.

  2. At least on the app, where I prefer to do my flashcards, it doesn’t save my progress unless I do the entire thing in one non-stop session. Personally I like to take breaks every 50 or so words. I also get notifications that need my attention, but I can’t go to them or do anything without my time being spent in vain. Also, the iOS app is great, but the Android app is kind of bad. It needs an update.
    Oh, and could you add a “times read” button to the app, like you have on the website?

Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and for making a really nice website.

It would also be awesome if we could have videos, and the transcript for them. It would really help to both see the context clues from the video, and it would be more interesting than listening to a 15 second clip from a lesson, and switching them every two seconds.

@sugoida - thanks for your feedback. Currently we do not have an option for more than 200 LingQs. What we recommend you to do is to choose a number of LingQs that you are comfortable to review on one go, e.g. 50. Then, on the vocabulary page you can click “Due for review (SRS)” which includes your LingQs by days. You can do more than one session if you want.

We are now working hard on our new Android app which will be as full-featured as the iOS app is. We hope to release it very soon!

You can add “times read” in the app - just click the small settings icon when you are on the lesson page and adjust the number.

We have some lessons with video in the library. You can search on the Library page using “Lesson Resources” filter => “videos” on the left hand sidebar. When you open the lesson you will see a red number at the top right. Click on it and you will see the video.

Thank you very much!
But could you add an option for more than 200??? Pretty please with sugar on top? Like, so much sugar you’ll get diabetes?

Oh, and how do you select phrases instead of individual words in the app?

@sugoida - No plans for now to add more than 200 LingQs, though as Galina mentioned you can head to Vocabulary > Due for Review (SRS) to see all your LingQs due for review. That way you’ll be able to review all your LingQs that are scheduled to be reviewed :slight_smile:

Here’s a quick link for you: Login - LingQ

You can’t currently select and save phrases on the app, but any phrases that you save on the site will show up in the app for review and you will be able to view these in your lessons.