Comprehensible input - audio

Hi all,

If I’m listening to comprehensible input and I’m understanding 90%, should I read the text of the audio as well? Or just try and understand? Or maybe read the text after listening?

I’d say, try both for some time and afterwards decide what suits you best.

It takes time and personal trial and error to get on handle on what level of listening and reading you should subject yourself to.

I will say, lots and lots of listening to stuff thats way more advanced isn’t all that helpful… if you can find it, listening to easier stuff that can at least sort of understand is a little better in my xperience.

My problem is that I can’t understand anything of interest. So I just listen to this Serbian electrician going on about computers, webcams, alarm systems and heaters, ignoring the fact that most of what he says is completely incomprehensible.

Still I understand more and more. I listen to this guy for 40 minutes every day on the way to work, and on Tuesdays when I’m not working I listen to him for 3.5 hours(!!). Seriously, I understand more and more, which is of course down to reading the news in Serbian daily and even reading about electronics in Serbian on Wikipedia. Hell just today I came across a verb in the news that I heard that guy use afterwards. “The poison was intended for her husband”. “The camera isn’t intended for… signal lost

Slam dunk with that verb…?