Complete Lesson Moves All Words to Known

I’m one of the very early users of LingQ. On my third language. To this day, I don’t understand why LingQ would require that checking off the “Complete Lesson” button moves all blue words to “known” without providing any ability to change that setting (yes, I see I can change the “page to known” setting. Unless I’m still missing something. So I had an entire youtube episode lesson loaded up, literally several hundred words just got turned from blue to known. So much work, and it’s depressing, and one of the reasons people don’t like the LingQ interface, and why when I get restarted on LingQ I at times move over to a different strategy. Yeah, Steve likes to be able to just have everything marked known at the end, but I don’t. The reason why I clicked on Complete Lesson, having forgot LingQ does this, is because I just wanted to leave this part for a moment and seamlessly move to the next lesson, which is the next part of the Netflix episode, since LingQ must divide the episodes up into chunks. Yeah, I know there’s other ways to have gone about that. But still . . . . In my mind, I wanted to “Complete” my lesson for the moment, and return to it when I feel like returning to it.


Don’t worry about your mistake so much, if you read a word and you don’t know it - you can simply click it and it will be highlighted again. Unchecking the box “Paging moves word to known” will stop this from happening again in the future

Not true. As I explained above.

I see the mistake I made. You are talking about hitting the “Complete lesson” button at the end and I thought we were referring to paging.

Is there any particular reason you have to hit complete lesson when you intend to come back to it? I use LingQ similar to how you mentioned - doing part of a lesson, and coming back later - except I don’t hit the complete button. I just navigate away from the lesson and all the words and LingQs remain intact.

If you’re interested in your words read statistic, then you must hit “complete lesson” for LingQ to tally the words of the lesson.

Fair point, personally the only statistic I care about is known words.

As I mentioned above, there are several reasons why you might, one of which is to move to the next portion of the imported Netflix episode. It’s nuts, of course, that now, tons of words that show up again in the Netflix series, will no longer show up blue. The penalty for clicking one button and having no practical way to undo it is way too high.

you can go back to your lessons and open the next one without having pressed “complete” on the previous.

Again, see above: “Yeah, I know there’s other ways to have gone about that.”

So yeah, if you know the system well enough, you might try going back and fiddling around until you get to the next lesson. But the natural thing to do is to Complete Lesson in order to move to the next one. Bottom line, unless there is some technical issue, there is no reason not to give the user the option to set their preference in settings.

You can turn that off in settings

I had an entire youtube episode lesson loaded up, in Birmingham minibus ( Minibus hire in Birmingham - Van rental with driver ) in Cinema car, literally several hundred words just got turned from blue to known