Community page and tutor questions

Hi all

I’m loving the site so far and I wish I started using this site years ago.
I just have a few questions about the system. My learning curve has definitely become steeper since starting here. My questions are:
-The home page says go to the community page to compare you score with others. I hope this isn’t a stupid question but i can’t see any button to go to a community page
-with the writing and speaking with a tutor. What type of discussion normally takes place? Is the emphasis on the tutor or the student to come up with material orshould we be discussing about the lesson where we clicked tutor from?


Hi Jason,

Glad you’re enjoying the site!

The previous Community page was replaced by the Friends page ( We will be sure to fix the text here.

With discussions, it is up to you to decide how you want to talk about. There is the option to talk about a specific lesson, but some people choose to select an impromptu topic or decide ahead of time what the topic of conversation will be. The benefit of signing up with tutors on LingQ is that you’re free to explore and find out who fits your style, and there are no commitments that bind you to a specific tutor. I encourage you to give a conversation a try and see what it’s like!