Comments for each transcript would be nice

Ok here is something straight forward which just came to me that can be implemented to enhance the user and tutor interaction experience:

In the Work Desk view, when viewing a transcript, it would be nice to make a “User and tutor comments” section on the right hand side under “Recently Opened” that allows people to leave comments on the transcript. For instance, questions on what certain texts mean, explanations of various passages, etc. In this way the advice given by tutors is resubmitted to new learners and thus the information is re-used multiple times to multiple users.

Right now we have a support forum where people can ask things like “in this text, there is a section that says [blah blah blah] what does that mean?” - then of course the tutor answers it. But after that initial interaction that valuable piece of information is not connected in any meaningful or reusable way to the data. I think that interaction has (as yet) untapped reusability, as the explanations provided by the tutors are excellent and reusable by everybody and can benefit all learners from beginners to advanced students. This interaction should be associated with the document/data itself.

It may also be a good idea, if you get around to doing this, to put in a tech support button, or “submit support query” which can link the support threads with the actual support item. It can slot in right under the proposed “User and tutor comments” section in the WorkDesk view itself as well. I noticed there are a lot of support threads that talk about certain articles having trouble with this, that, the other, so it may be handy to kill 2 birds with the one stone in that regard since it’ll almost be identical in function to the first suggestion.

I think there may be a slight issue in user comments -perhaps- in that it may warrant that the comments should be filtered to display only those in the native / target language of the speakers reading, but I’m sure you can filter / classify the comments to make it as such.

Hi Roy,

In fact, if you click on the Forum Questions button in the WorkDesk for any item now you will see all previous questions that have been asked about this item. Right now only Plus and Premium members can ask questions since they are paying for the tutor’s time but all past questions are displayed for everyone. We do have plans to open up these forums in the future, in which case, I would imagine more questions will be asked and therefore available when clicking on the Forum Questions button.

Having said that, it is not clear what this button does (since you don’t seem to have noticed it! ;-)) and we should also tie in some kind of commenting system which would alert the content creator whenever issues are brought up regarding his content.

At any rate, we are thinking of these things and will gradually be improving the interactivity while in the WorkDesk.

smacks head man i didn’t see it :wink: you are right.

good point with the content creator issue also.

It would be nice to have more feedback as a content creator if people like the content (or not). Sometimes I have the feeling of living in a box :wink:
It would be also interesting to read comments of other users before taking an item.

Last week I’ve done another suggestion in the tread “Possibility of content valuation or commenting content” but I think the idea is a good addition on your idea.

I wrote "I think it would be nice to have the possibility of a Content valuation, maybe by comments or maybe valuation by classes.
I suggest that there should be some criteria where users can give there own impression of the content. For example there could be criteria like

  • Difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
  • Accuracy of the transcript (Accurate, some missing words, lot of differences)
  • Quality of record (High, good, some ambient noises or other adverse effects)
  • Speed of speech (Slow, moderate, quick)
  • Special accent or dialect or regional and the comprehensibleness of the accent
  • Issue of the content (Interesting, not my interest, boring etc.)"

Yes there are many ideas that can be implemented. I’m sure they will work out what is worth doing and what may be left till later or never I guess :slight_smile:

One thing that the present “Forum Questions” box doesn’t tell me straight away is if there exists any comments. If they could write a little prog that scalps the forum page or grabs a few of the top comments and writes a little summary, I’d know about it straight away. Plus, if you’re listening to the audio, unless you do some fancy browsing maneuvre and spawn another then click on Forum Questions, you’re gonna kill the audio feed. Still… it’s there and thats a good thing.

I think, in taking youtube’s lead with the “keywords” concept, there can be a free text field that has keywords describing the text, so things like:
beginner, advanced, clear, fuzzy, accurate, fast, slow, moderate, australia, american, english, boxing, art, sports, politics.

that classification stuff is top notch! i think if i were doing something like that, i’d kill all birds with the one stone. ie. you can use a new filed - a free text box to classify anything and everything. would then work with a search, if you were to search for, say, “beginner sports” etc, etc. This also may not lock in the db schema too much and keep it adaptable to future requirements without any need for recoding (i guess).

Your Idea is interesting but not all birds would kill with one stone :wink:
For example some people would say it is intermediate, other would say it is advanced content.
Or some people like it, some people like it not.

But most of birds would be killed by your idea :wink: The idea is good.

We will look at all of this when we redo the library. Thanks for the input.

Yes you are all right, me too I would be interested in knowing some comments about what I wrote so I could know if people like it and what they like about what I wrote so I would be encourage to wrote more. This morning it is a student who asked me why I did not write more podcasts and I answered him that I did not think it was useful because I have had no comments about it. So, for him I will write another one! Johanne

Another point: I also have a little deception; my points are always less and less each day. Why? I was around near 9,000 and now I am near 5,000. I do not work just for the points, but it is not very encouraging to work and to loose points either!! Johanne


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