Coming improvements to the forum

We will be making the following improvements to this forum over the next month:

  1. Add a “Watch this forum” and “Watch this thread” tick box that will cause an email to be sent to the user every time there is a post on the forum or thread.
  2. Have “Watch this thread” selected by default for a member who starts a thread.
  3. Add RSS feeds to follow forum
  4. Show a list of recent posts.
  5. Add an edit function for forum posts
  6. Automatically enable the tutor to see the context for all terms asked about in the Ask your tutor forum.
  7. Add a way to Search the forum.
  8. Add the username of the member who has posted last on the List of threads within each Forum. Have the username made clickable so you can go directly to that post.

Let us know if you have any other thoughts or suggestions. One recent suggestion was to show a list of recent forum posts on the Overview page somewhere.

Hi this is a little off from your topic, but do you ever plan to add Mandarin? All of the features you have here is exactly what I have been looking for, as I am studying virtually on my own.
Thanks, chichi

Hi chichi,

We will add Mandarin but probably not for a few months yet.

I second the nomination for Mandarin support! :slight_smile: This site looks great, and would be a real help for Mandarin study.