Combining words into a lingq kills page

when i combine multiple words (chinese characters) into a new lingq most of the time it works, but one in every 5 will make the page unresponsive… i inevitably end up having to kill the page, open a new tab, go to lingq home pg and go back into the lesson…

thanks for looking into it!

Can you confirm if this is the case for all lessons or only specific lessons? Also, what browser (and version number) and OS are you using?

won’t be able to confirm for all lessons but has happened on 3 different ‘kinds’ of lessons… ChinesePod, ConversationalChinese and ChineseLingq lessons.
latest version of google chrome 19.0.1084.46 and running windows xp 2002.

this “bug” is very old, I encountered it quite often when being a paying member in 2010/2011.

@jgroenev - I’m having trouble reproducing this. Would you be able to take a quick screencast to show this happening? You can use a program like Jing to do this easily: Screen Capture Software | Snagit | TechSmith