Combining LingQ and weekly evening lessons?

Last autumn I started to learn Swedish again after 20+ years at the local community college. I had no idea that things like LingQ exist and was really glad to have found the course. But I didn’t feel a learned a lot there.

Even though I found LingQ now and am doing very well I decided to continue going to the course to meet people in person and to speak a bit, too.

Each evening lesson lasts for 90 minutes and it’s easy to figure out the words read and written as well as the time I actually said something. But what about listening? Would you go for a lump sum of, say, two thirds of the lesson time which then only excludes German explanations? Or would you just count those times where we actually listen to texts from the teacher’s CD with real Swedish voices?

Any input appreciated. The lessons will start again week after next. It’s at level A1 II then which should correspondent to Beginner 2 on here I think.

Btw, could someone please tell me how to get rid of the 0 words for both German and English??? Being German it doesn’t make sense and, well, you can judge for yourselves as far as English goes.

Personally I consider every minute that I have spent paying close attention to listening as time listened. This is, if I can at least comprehend quite a bit of it. With this I mean that I can’t consider the time that I have listened closely to audio in Swahili as time listened, because I know nothing of Swahili.

It really depends on the amount of Swedish spoken in your lessons and how much of that you understand. I have had Chinese classes in Chinese for a while and there the teacher didn’t speak any English at all, so I could consider the full 100% as listening time, but in another class I had a teacher who used English for 50% of the time, so basically its dependant on the your itself.

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@Deahna - Go to “account” in the drop-down box next to your username top right, and delete German & English (your unwanted languages) under Languages (below your transaction history) on the account page.


Just don’t accidently delete the wrong language…

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I think combining language school lessons with LingQ is a great idea. The two compliment each other excellently. Good luck.

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Bit harder to do now they give a warning: “Are you sure you want to delete English? By clicking the button below you are deleting all data from your English account on LingQ. All lessons, LingQs, stats and word tracking will be lost and can not be recovered.”

Followed by the button: I understand. Delete my data. And donate 30% of my income to Julz611. LOL


Thanks, this seems to have helped although I got an “internal error” when deleting German.

Thank you for your input.

The teacher question is a bit difficult because neither German nor Swedish is her native language but I think at my level that’s not yet a problem. Her Swedish may be a bit wonky but I’m in no position to judge and anyway my main goal is to be able to understand broschures, shop notices, ticket information etc. My job isn’t likely to bring me to Sweden, neither is my private life except for holidays. So I think I can safely count time she spends talking in Swedish as listening time.