Collection of idioms and sayings

I’ve recently started to compile a collection of common idioms in Spanish with a translation into German. Up to now, I’ve only added 30 different Spanish idioms, but I intend to continue this list from time to time until I’ll have gathered more than 200 or 300 (maybe even more).

I’m not sure, if someone is interested in this future collection nor if it makes any sense.
Anyway, everyone has access to this online list with the possibility to add new entries or change existing ones. I’ve also added other languages (like English, French and Italian), in case that anyone would like to translate the idioms in other languages or to add new ones (in the lines underneath) which might be useful in his or her language. So, if you’re interested please feel free to add as much as you like.

The link to the list:

Admin access (e.g. to add a new language):

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: To add new entries, click on the respective box and write as soon as you can see the cursor (the server might be a little slow if 2 or more users are online)

“hörner aufsetzen” cool xD

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