Collection for writing report

All my writings in English are collected in the collection “Writing reports”. This was Login - LingQ in the past. My last report is now in a new collection with the same name. The Link is Login - LingQ.

How could this happen?

My earlier writing reports remained separate imported items. I put them in a collection I created myself. In Spanish this was until the beginning of August. Then at the end of August a writing report appeared in a new collection created by the system for the first time. At that time I think it had something to do with the LingQ update (conversation reports had their own collection already a year ago).

Yes, previously writing reports were imported as lessons. We made a change at the end of August, as Reinhard says, so that now new writing reports are automatically part of the Writing Reports collection. If you want all reports in the same collection, you can move the old reports to the new collection as well.