Collaboration idea by Steve

Very interesting!

Collaboration to create groups of pattern sentences. Lingq to facilitate this. Most excellent idea!

Yes, this is a good idea.
But it isn’t a very new idea.
We are constantly doing such basic pattern, at least Vera and me in German, IDEL in Spanish, Serge in French, me also in Russian.
But of course, if we have more such patterns, we’ll facilitate the problems of the beginners.


And here is another short one from our member odiernod. He wrote “I started a similar spreadsheet a while ago for speaking with children for Multilingual Living’s 180 day language challenge:”

I tried your Quizlet, and yet it is too difficult for the real beginners.
THey must be very simple at first.
And they speak too quickly, it’s quite difficult to follow them for beginners.

mmm…Great initiatives!!!

Just watch out with the translations, they need to be done with care.

For example O’s kids challenges above has: “do as you wish - fais comme tu veux - mach wie du willst”. Perfect! Then “brush your teeth” - brossez-vous les dents.

How is one expected to know that “do as you wish” is only to one child in French and German, but “brush your teeth” in the French version applies to many children and would be considered inappropriate and even wrong if said to one child, not easy to establish if one is learning a language.

Brilliant initiatives like these should remain brilliant and consistency maintained at all costs.