Clugston attacks Steve Kaufmann

He’s supposedly some self-defense scientist yet thinks Krav Maga is backwards. That’s all I need to know about Mr. Clugston.

On other hand, he speaks English quite well. What is his mother tongue?

@skyblueteapot: “…This discussion forced me to watch the video of someone who appears heavily medicated.”

I reckon the teapot could be on to something here: maybe Clugston is doping himself up to stay in shape?

(He does seem to be a bit…well…‘different’.)

I asked him 1)what are his credentials? He knocks Steve and Moses, yet they have both posted videos proving their fluidity and fluency in multiple languages and 2)why should anyone pay him to learn such a language.

If he’s a “field linguist”, where’s a video of him doing his field work? Participant observation?

is there any purpose to ganging up?

Nope, one opponent would be more than enough, especially when it comes to his “self defense expertise”, which those of us in the Martial Arts community have been laughing at since way before he started throwing is hilarious opinions around the language learning community. Seriously, is this guy going to invade all of my hobbies? At least if he tries to to tell me I need a programming degree to get good at video games I got it covered.

“Nope, one opponent would be more than enough, especially when it comes to his “self defense expertise”,”

Not what I meant… but anyway

You totally wanted to gang up Dooo : )

No need to gang up, Dooo. I reckon Steve could take Clugston 1-to-1 any day of the week.

While in Hong Kong in the 1960s, Steve trained with Bruce Lee. In those days he was known throughout the whole of Asia as “The Kaufmann Typhoon”.

Isn’t that right Steve? :smiley:

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This is hsi reply to my question youtube

Me: I’m Paul Copareli and I can respect the fact that you want this to be a professional and educated persons discussion. People have been learning languages unwritten since the beginning of time by the lowest classes of people, so it certainly doesn’t take a linguist to do. Your advertising for something the uneducated people have done with success since the beginning of humanity. And why should anyone pay you to learn a language spoken by 300 people in PNG? How is that practically beneficial 2 ne1.

Mr.Bighead: NO more comments until you have the courage to use a real name and a real photo and link that to your YT account. Going around the standards is not going to happen

I was really annoyed with this guys assumption, giving him the benefit of the doubt that he was actually someone with something worthy to say, but this just proves he’s not.

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The fact that people hold different views does not mean that either of these views is invalid. I find that we are seldom persuaded to accepted views opposite to our own, but we are influenced by these opposing views, and we are also forced to analyze our own positions in order to defend them,and therein lies the value of discussion and even debate.

@Imyirtseshem - I don’t think the issue is with linguists or people who want to learn very small languages, it’s this specific person who claims that only linguists know anything about languages, and that unless you can learn a small language (which according to him necessitates linguistic training) you don’t know what you’re talking about. Yes, field linguistics would help for minority languages, but that training isn’t going to be cost or time efficient (considering the time taken to acquire the skills required) for most people who want to learn more common languages.

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I haven’t seen anybody bashing field linguistics here, just the single baffoon who is blabbing about how you can’t learn a documented language by reading and listening, because you can’t learn an undocumented language that way.

I’ve decided to keep out of these discussion from now on. You’re all welcome have these silly reactionary views based on your own ignorance. Don’t let your self be educated and see things from other perspectives - don’t explore new possibilities - that would be too uncomfortable.

I have no doubt he’s a real ‘linguist’, and knows about language learning. If you watch his first video (about Benny V Steve), he makes a few interesting points and seems to sum up his posititon and thoughts in that video. If he doesn’t speak well or eloquently, it doesn’t mean he’s not qualified, good at his job etc.

With regards to martial arts, I’ve seen some videos about his ‘system’, and it looks very easy to learn and I could see how it could be quite effective (at least for men, not sure how well it would work for women defending against attacks from men).


I must be missing something in an earlier post in this thread, I see how passionate you are about field linguistics. Can you please point out the passages in which the area of field linguistics is being attacked?

@peter Yes, some of the martial arts techniques (and strategies) he teaches are very easy and natural to learn, as well as effective. The problem is, they are nothing new, these same techniques and strategies exist in every self defense system worth its salt, and are no “special secret”. He has basically put his own gimmicky marketing spin on Reality Based Self Defense tactics. He also expresses views and opinions which make his students think that by watching his videos they have turned into street warriors, which is not true and likely to get his “students” in trouble or killed. Some of the stuff he throws in is also just pure fantastical BS and would never work on someone who is actually trained or someone hopped up on adrenalin or drugs. His “system” is also ridiculously expensive compared to other products out there with the same material.