When I bring up the LingQs of a particular lesson in the vocabulary section I would like the Cloze exercise to be just phrases taken from that particular lesson. Right now it seems that phrases will come up randomly from other lessons in the library that have the same LingQs.
I find this distracting when I want to concentrate on learning just the phrases of that lesson.
I know that the refresh button will give alternative Cloze phrases from other lessons.
What I am requesting is that the LingQs that have been filtered in the vocabulary window will have first priority so that I can go through each phrase of the completed lesson until I am familiar with just those phrases. Then, when I am confident with that lesson, I would use the refresh button to vary the phrases and expand the useage of the words by applying them to phrases from other lessons.

Good suggestion, we’ll see what we can do here.

Thanks for that alex. I know I can always depend on you :slight_smile:

How can add the LingQ’s from the flash-cards to the Cloze? I have Spanish 25 LingQ’s in flashcard but only 2 (LingQ’s) in “Cloze”.

@golanym - If the LingQs you are trying to cloze test were not saved as part of a phrase, very often there is no other matching phrase in your lessons so those LingQs are left out of the cloze test. The test must have a context in order to show that term.