Cloze test


Is there any way to shuffe the words and phrases that appear on cloze test?

It seems like 80 or 90 % of the words and phrases being tested are the same a week in a row.

Thank you.

Hi Yikiko, there is a “shuffle” icon at the top left of the cloze test window (shuffles terms within one session). Choosing different dates in “due for review” column, you will test different terms.

Hi Galina,

One more question.

“Due for review” shows the dates for this month only. Are the words and phrases that I saved before last month included ?

Thank you again.

@yukiko - for older LingQs you can select “All LingQs” column and adjust your LingQs using filter and sort on the right hand sidebar, for example, to review terms with a certain status.

Thank you, Galina :slight_smile: